WHC Policies

Hours of Operation

9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

For Appointments

Please call 306-842-5444. If you develop an urgent health  concern when the clinic is closed call the Health Line at 811 or if your  problem is an emergency, please go directly to the Emergency Department  at the Weyburn General Hospital. Please notify the clinic of any changes in address, phone number or employment.

Appointment System

Weyburn Health Centre operates on an appointment system.

In general our physicians will only see their own patients. If your  physician is away, you may be offered an appointment with the physician  who is covering your doctor. 

Routine Visits

For example, medication renewals, follow up appointments - please try to book your appointment well in advance - i.e. at least two  to four weeks ahead of time.

Check Ups/Annual Physicals

Please book your appointment four to six months before you are due for your annual check-up. This will help to ensure that you have  your check up at approximately the same time each year. You are normally  given the requisition for hospital lab work by your doctor at your  check-up exam; however, some doctors prefer lab work to be done prior to  your check-up. They will let you know if this is the case.

Urgent Appointments

All the doctors in the clinic have allocated appointments each day for emergency/urgent cases. If you feel that you or your  child/relative has a problem which is urgent and must be seen that day,  please let the receptionist know this, and the nature of the problem,  and she will do her best to accommodate you.

SGI Driver Medicals

Please arrange your appointment for your SGI medical as soon as you receive notification from SGI. This allows time to treat any problems before the form is submitted to SGI. Please state that you need an SGI medical when when booking. There is a fee for performing the  examination and completing the SGI form for commercial licenses.

Pre-operative assessment form

Please notify the receptionist that you need an appointment for  your pre-op assessment form when booking as it requires extra time. Please call the clinic to book the assessment as soon as you receive the  form from the specialist's office. Delay may result in insufficient  time for you to have your pre-op form completed before your surgery date  or insufficient time to manage any problems before your surgery.

Other Forms

When booking your appointment you must inform the receptionist  that you require a form to be completed by the doctor. Some forms require a full check-up prior to completion. If you are unsure as to  whether you need a full examination, please bring the form in to the  office and we can inform you what sort of appointment is required, and  ensure that adequate time is scheduled. The forms are generally  completed by the doctor after clinic hours in order to decrease waiting  times for other patients' appointments. 

Depending on the level of urgency, forms will not necessarily be completed on the same day as presented to the doctor. We will make  every effort to avoid unreasonable delay in returning your form.

There is a charge to the patient for all forms. Unless otherwise stated - the minimum charge for forms is $30.00.

Please present your form to the receptionist upon your arrival  to the clinic for your appointment. There are some administrative  procedures that need to be completed before the doctor sees the form.  Please also ensure that you have completed your portion of the form (if  applicable) and signed the "release of information" section. The form  cannot be completed/released without this.

How Can You Help Us to Provide Better Service for You?

Follow the advice given on making appointments. It is helpful  to tell the receptionist the reason for your visit in order for her to assign the appropriate amount of time for you and to determine if you  require a urine sample taken prior to seeing the doctor. Appointments  are booked for one patient only.

Always "check in" with the receptionist upon arrival.

No Show and Cancellation Policy

Please call to cancel appointments that you are unable to keep as soon as possible to allow clinic staff time to refill the appointment time. Patients who repeatedly fail to keep appointments may be advised that appointments will no longer be issued, and/or, may be billed  directly for the missed appointment.

Prescription Renewals

Please bring all your medications or a list with you to every  appointment. We suggest booking an appointment when you pick up your  last refill from your pharmacy. As per policy, prescriptions will not be renewed over the phone, or fax. If you require prescription renewals  this should be an appointment in itself as it may take some time to  review the medications to monitor chronic diseases.

Test Results

Your doctor will call you only if there are abnormal tests  results. It is generally advised that you make an appointment for  follow-up of all tests results so that they can be explained to you and  any further tests/follow-up arranged. If your problem persists, always  book a follow-up appointment. Please allow two weeks for test results to  become available, unless you are informed otherwise. The receptionists  cannot discuss test results - please do not ask them to do so. They can,  however, let you know if your test results have arrived at the clinic  but may need to call you back once you have made your query.

Specialists Appointments

Please allow three to four weeks for specialists' offices to  contact you regarding your appointment. In some cases, this may be  considerably longer.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Weyburn Health Centre has a zero tolerance policy regarding verbal abuse and displays of aggression directed towards staff and  physicians. Individuals violating this policy will be subject to  permanent cancellation of medical management services provided by  Weyburn Health Centre


Confidentiality of your personal health information is taken  very seriously by the physicians, management and staff of Weyburn Health  Centre. Following regulations specified in the Health Information Protection Act (HIPA), we have clinic policies in place to protect your  information.

Medical Students/Residents

Some of our physicians are involved in the training of medical  students and family medicine residents. All cases seen by the student or  resident are reviewed by the supervising physician. You have the right  to decline being seen by the student or resident but we do of course  appreciate your support in their training.