WHC News


Dr. Kathleen C. Fong in conjunction with the Weyburn Health Centre, would like to announce that after over 28 years of practicing family medicine in Weyburn, Dr. Katie is taking a leave from medical practice effective August 1, 2018.


Currently the duration of this leave is undetermined. All of her patients should be aware that continuity of care will not be disrupted as the Weyburn Health Centre has two new physicians who will be commencing practice on June 1, 2018. During her absence, arrangements have been made for Dr. Reza Erfani to assume care of patients with surnames A to K and Dr. Nana Yaw Amo Broni to assume care of patients with surnames L to Z. As always, patients are free to choose whichever physican they would prefer for provision of health care. Presently there are no other physicians at the Weyburn Health Centre that are accepting new patients.


"It continues to be a great honour and privilege for residents of Weyburn and community to allow me to serve them in their entrusted medical care."

-Dr. Katie



We would like to welcome two new physicians to the Weyburn Health Centre. Dr. Reza Erfani and Dr. Nana Yaw Amo Broni started their practice June 1, 2018.